About Brice Taylor

Brice TaylorBrice Taylor, is a survivor of U.S. Military / MKUltra / Government years of recovery guided by the Holy Spirit.  Brice continues to follow the lead of the Holy Spirit in bringing the truth to light in regard to this heinous abuse in hopes that it will bring recovery and freedom for those tortured souls caught in its snares and stop this intergenerational abuse from happening to children being born today.  She is the author of Starshine, One Woman’s Valiant Escape From Mind Control; Revivification; and Thanks For the Memories; The Truth Has Set Me Free.

Mission Statement:
Brice Taylor is dedicated in the service of Christ to ending mind control and satanic ritual abuse.  Her mission is to make the reality of satanic ritual torture and mind control more known in order to stop this abuse from happening to children born today.  Our goal is to create healing centers worldwide to aid in the recovery of victims of mind control and satanic ritual abuse.

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